‘Kingdom protects rights of illegals’

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    An Ethiopian worker (C) argues with members of the Saudi security forces as she waits with her countrymen to be repatriated in Manfouha, southern Riyadh, in this Nov. 11, 2013 file photo. (Reuters)


Published — Thursday 21 November 2013

Last update 21 November 2013 1:43 am

Saudi authorities continue to protect the rights of undocumented workers at shelter camps and have provided them with food, accommodation and health care, said Bandar Al-Aiban, president of the Human Rights Commission.

“We have seen excellent services and organized work that meets human rights standards,” he told reporters after inspecting a camp for illegals at the old Princess Nora University building in Riyadh on Wednesday. Al-Aiban and his accompanying delegates inspected the various services being offered by the authorities to undocumented foreigners at the camp, including women and children.
Al-Aiban was briefed on the procedures followed at the camp and the arrangements made for the deportation of illegals.
The commission has been following up on the measures taken by government agencies for legalizing foreign manpower. “The main objective of this process is to organize the residency of foreigners in the Kingdom while protecting the rights of both Saudis and foreigners.”

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