Giovanna Furlanetto – THE LADY OF THE BAGS

If we take the first part of his surname, we can immediately find out who is Giovanna Furlanetto, known Italian entrepreneur but especially female face of one of the leading companies in the world market of leather goods: Furla . Furla Today the brand is present in 64 countries with 296 stores brand positioned in the most prestigious streets of international shopping , a distribution network of over a thousand qualified retail outlets and a major travel retail channel. L ‘ Furla company was founded in 1927 in Bologna sophisticated thirties. Aldo and Margherita Furlanetto were the directors who have given rise to many leather goods and accessories of high quality craftsmanship and unique style that, in short, achieved a visibility around the world. Furla is a company that grows gradually, a company that always leaves more room for presence of women, so as to reach 78% of the same: a business decision that aims to give space to young people and women . Initially, the company proposed to meet the demand of women each object type and leather accessories, following the rhythms and the evolution of society , telling the story through his creations, and today the style Furla also meets the needs of all people. ‘s first collection of Furla handbags debuted in the 70s. He distinguished himself immediately decided for the design and the use of special materials, such as the combination of leather, nylon and rubber . Over the years the company has continuously invested in research and technology to assure constant innovation of its creations, always characterized by a sober, elegant and essential Furla.With its strong personality , Joan gave lifeblood to this development by increasing , always keeping in mind the one hand the sequence of events, the innovations of the company, not ever departing from the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. was born in 1999 Furla Prize with the intent to monitor and promote young emerging Italian artists, creatives is in art and fashion.campaign for the launch of the new collection of accessories Furla Spring / Summer 2010 was chosen Sissi Furla Premo-winning Italian artist for the Art in 2002. Sissi The body is real testimony of the soul of his work: his original style, his energy and his aesthetic engage in a natural way in the new collection of Furla, which offers a contemporary world with a cut sober and elegant, but still free from the characters of the moment. So like its predecessors, the new collection Furla Spring / Summer 2010 is exposed to an international clientele who are looking for quality and originality to a conscious purchase price. Due to its constant commitment in the fashion world (and art), June 2 2008 Giovanna Furlanetto is appointed by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, Cavaliere del Lavoro . , not only in Italy, his commitment is recognized around the world: the Champs Elysées in Paris on Madison Avenue in New York , from Tokyo to Sydney in Dubay . What is the secret of this success internationally ? Can a fashion house meet the needs of people so different? Furla has succeeded . Furla is not never put any limits and, in recent interviews, Giovanna Furlanetto said that there will be further enhanced leather goods, jewelery and accessories all in conjunction with the appointment of Eraldo Poletto as Chief Executive Officer , who will join the team Furla in June 2010.

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