Why did Facebook blocked Jawar Mohammed?

What is Facebook’s the “going too fast” error?
Why does Facebook care how many items I post?

Fact 1 – Facebook sets quotas so it doesn’t overload it servers

First, Facebook sets a posting quota of 200 items per hour per user.  What does that mean to you?  Even though computers are really fast, even Facebook and its server farms have limits to what it can support, and the last thing that Facebook wants is for its servers to freeze and Facebook to go down… So we deal with quotas.

Now, because Facebook likes people to use Facebook, and naturally, not everyone spends the same amount of time on Facebook, it aggregates its quota based on the number of active users using a particular Application.  So, if there are 1,000 people using ShopTheRoe, then ShopTheRoe’s hourly quota is 1,000 users X 200 items = 200,000 items per hour.  And we post as many of your items as we can within that quota.

Finally, Facebook doesn’t care whether you are using an app or scheduler (like ShopTheRoe) or posting manually.  The “going too fast” error can occur whether you’re posting manually or posting from ShopTheRoe or another application.

Fact 2 – Facebook protects itself from malicious attacks

Obviously, Facebook likes you to use its software (it’s good for business), but there are many other businesses, governments, and organizations that  would like to stop Facebook from providing its services to you.  So Facebook has to monitor the activity on it servers in order to identify and protect itself from malicious attacks.

There are a few malicious attacks that look a lot like a direct sales consultant that posts really fast, without going into too many details here are few things that might get flagged

• Posting or reposting the same picture over and over again

• Many different accounts posting and reposting the same picture

• Posting many images, videos, or messages very quickly

Fact 3 – Facebook changes how it flags people and malicious attacks

In order to keep itself ahead of malicious attacks and learn from the attacks that have been successful, Facebook changes it algorithms, often without warning.  That means that there are things that even our amazing engineers (and Facebooks engineers for that matter) just can’t predict. Furthermore, it’s why you can post the same way as you have been posting for months or years and suddenly start getting the “going too fast” error or get blocked altogether.

What can I do to avoid the “going too fast” error?

Tip 1 – Schedule your items to post before you need them to be on Facebook

Especially if you are posting a lot of items for a multi-consultant sale, online party, or a Live stream, make sure you are scheduling your items to post onto Facebook long before you need them to be available.  More to come in the future about some tips and tricks for using ghost albums to plan your posting effectively.

Tip 2 – Use your own photos

We all love to reuse other people’s photos, it saves time and headaches.  But, if you’re getting the error, it could be because Facebook is seeing that you are reusing the same photo over and over again (and flagging it as a malicious attack).  We recommend using an app like Consultant Aide to create your own pictures and upload them to STR automatically (we’re beta testing this functionality now).

Tip 3 – Use a STR Party page

One easy way to avoid the “going too fast” error is not to post at all.  With our online Party features, you can quickly and easily put your inventory into a Party page and then direct all your Facebook friends and groups to it.  It’s easy to use, and with our amazing 24/7 AWS servers, there’s a 99.9% chance that your inventory will be available for everyone to browse and purchase.

Tip 4 – Use the Facebook Cleanup Feature

Facebook counts every API request that STR makes to your account against your quota, including deleting photos.  As a result, we’ve just released a new feature called Facebook Cleanup.  Rather than using STR to delete each individual photo from Facebook (which counts each photo against your quota), we recommend that you delete the albums on Facebook  and then use Facebook Cleanup to remove the dead links that ShopTheRoe has stored from posting those photos on your behalf.  This should free up more quota and help those that are seeing the “going too fast” error from being flagged by Facebook as malicious.  We’ll be posting some more tutorials and instructions for using this feature soon!


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