BREAKING: Somali Region parliament starts meeting today.

Breaking: Abdi Iley spoke and here is the key messages in his address:

  • All the mistakes I committed is because of Getachew Assefa, former chief of Intelligence
  • Getachew Assefa held gun on our head and asked us to do what he wants
  • He was the man who held the former PM Hailemariam at gunpoint for 6 years (even at times kidnapping the wife of the former PM)
  • Dr. Abiy is sent by God to save Ethiopia
  • Dr. Abiy and Lemma Megersa are very good men
  • The rumour of my resignation is spread by Getachew Assefa, who wants bags of money as he used to get
  • They [TPLF] forced us to do all the things we did
  • We need to now forgive everything and move forward

The meeting will continue tomorrow!

SOURCE: Facebook

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